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Rice - Kurnool Sonamasuri Rice

  • Sona Masoori Rice:

    Sona Masoori Rice: Sona Masuri or Jeela Karra masuri is medium –grain rice grown largely in the Indian states of Telengana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The rice is high yielding rice variety which is very popular. It is evolved from two popular rice varieties sona mahsuri. It is lightweight and aromatic. This premium variety of rice is mainly cultivated in the Krishna, Guntur,Kurnool, Nellore and Twin Godavari districts and some places of Telangana and Karnataka states. Sona Massori Rice is typically used in dishes such as sweet Pongal, Biryani, Idlis and fried rice. Knowing its nutrition information can help you determine how it fits into our meal plan. We procure this rice where it is processed from select premium quality paddy procured from the rich belt of Kurnool(district), State of Andhra Pradesh-India which produces the best quality crop.

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